About Suntra Investments Limited

Suntra Investments Limited; Winner of 'The Best Performing Stockbroker in Kenya' in 2014

Suntra Investments Limited was incorporated on March 20th, 1990. On June 4th 1990, the company was granted licence as an agent of the Nairobi Stock Exchange. The Company was admitted to the Nairobi Stock Exchange on 1st July 1994 and has since then moved quickly to establish itself as one of the leading brokerage firm in Kenya, East Africa. Suntra Investments Limited has been involved in many successful assignments as a leading Financial Advisor and Sponsoring Stockbroker in Public Offerings, Rights Issues & Private Placement of Shares and Bonds by the Government and various Corporate bodies.

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Our Services

At SUNTRA, we continously work to remain the leaders in Bonds Trading, Stock Brokerage, CDS Processing and Market Research in Kenya, East Africa.


Fixed Income Trading

At Suntra Investment Bank, we assist clients to build balanced investment portfolios with the objective of optimizing returns with as low exposure to risk as possible. In diversifying investments, investors may want to invest some funds in shares and the rest in other money and capital market instruments. In the funds management department of Suntra, we advise clients on the other options open to them.

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Share Transfer Facilities

Not all companies are able to access formal markets such as the Nairobi Stock Exchange. The Suntra Share Transfer Facility was developed for the purposes of facilitating private equities transactions. Suntra Investment Bank offers a platform backed by expertise so that investors have a facility that enables them to transact in investments that would otherwise be illiquid.

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Equity Trading

Suntra has been trading at the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) for over twenty five (25) years. We are known for pioneering products such as the direct trading from either the mobile phone or through the internet. Suntra Investment Bank has also developed a countrywide infrastructure that facilitates the purchase and sale of securities in the Kenyan Capital Markets.

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Latest Market Data

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Share Closing Price % Gain
Jubilee Holdings 430.00 8.01%
CFC Insurance Holdings 21.00 5.26%
Standard Chartered Bank 204.00 4.62%
Transcentury Limited 13.70 3.79%
British American Tobacco 797.00 3.64%


Share Closing Price % Gain
Safaricom Limited 14.55 1.04%
KCB Bank 41.75 1.21%
Equity Bank 41.00 0.00%
Cooperative Bank 16.60 0.91%
Barclays Bank 11.90 0.85%


Share Closing Price % Gain
Crown Paints 60.00 -5.51%
TPS EA Serena 28.00 -5.08%
Uchumi Supermarket 9.45 -5.03%
Unga Group 37.25 -4.49%
Home Afrika Ltd 1.60 -3.03%


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