Our Mission, Vision & Core Values


Suntra aims at becoming a leading Investment Company in Kenya, East Africa and the world through provision of high quality professional, advisory and consulting services in the money and capital markets.


“Encourage individuals, companies and institutions in Kenya,East Africa and the world, through an efficient personalized approach to buy and sell shares and other securities and to list their companies at stock exchanges for the benefit of all stakeholders”.


The company will live up to the highest ideals of its stakeholders and shall seek:

*In all activities to be trustworthy, respectful and honest.

*Specifically and in order to maintain consistent customer satisfaction and confidentiality, corporate financial strength, the endeavor to treat  customer information with the confidentiality required and always perform to the highest levels of customer services.

In summary, the operating philosophy of the company is that of:

Diligently serving and guarding the interests of clients, shareholders, staff, board members and other stakeholders, which includes ensuring sustainability and profitability of the company’s operations”.