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Suntra Investments Limited was incorporated on March 20th, 1990. On June 4th 1990, the company was granted license as an agent of the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

The Company was admitted to the Nairobi Stock Exchange on 1st July 1994 and has since then moved quickly to establish itself as one of the rapidly developing brokerage firms in the country. Suntra Stocks Ltd was licensed as an Investment Bank on 1st July 2004.

Suntra Investment Bank has in the past been involved in many assignments as a leading Financial Adviser and Sponsoring Stockbroker in many Public Offerings, Rights Issues and Private Placement of Shares and Bonds by the Government and various Companies.

The main services offered by Suntra Investment Bank are:



Other than trading in shares, Suntra has a dedicated desk for bonds trading, where we buy and sell both corporate and treasury bonds on behalf of our clients – retail, institutional, both local and foreign.

Through extensive market research, and in conjunction with our research department, we are in a position to give up to date advice as pertaining to the current market trends in the market. For example, the Suntra Yield Curve is prepared on a weekly basis and distributed to our clients on a weekly basis or on request.

Suntra organises training sessions across the country in order to create awareness on investing in debt securities because we feel that majority of the citizens concentrate on buying and selling of shares and therefore missing out on a opportunity that could help balance their investment portfolio.

We also assist our corporate clients value their bond portfolios whenever need arises using our in-house bond valuation model.

The fixed income team consist of staff with wide knowledge and vast experience in the bond market. The company has been instrumental in assisting various corporate bodies, from different economic sectors, raise money in the capital market through successful bond issues amounting to billions of shillings. This has provided opportunity for Suntra to have a deeper understanding of the Kenyan debt capital market, it’s challenges and suitable arrangements that would meet the clients’ intended objectives.



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